Auto company from India to bring jobs to Detroit

sakthi automotive groupWith the decline of the automotive industry and the struggling manufacturing job market that has brought down the city of Detroit, Michigan, some good news came in the form of a new land investment – providing jobs from an company that is bringing jobs overseas to the United States and should help improve the struggling automotive economy in the city.

According to a recent report by Click on Detroit, the Sakthi Automotive Group is planning to spend $31 million to turn a former high school located in Southwestern Detroit, Michigan, into a home for their expanded manufacturing and job training operations.

The Sakthi Group is a corporation from India that, among other operations, offers automobile distribution and they made the announcement of their new plans in Detroit on May 11 with the city’s Mayor Mike Duggan and state governor Rick Snyder – the site will produce lightweight aluminum castings that will create more than 200 new jobs in the redeveloped high school and its campus before the year 2021.

About 70 of those jobs will be kept inside the historic section of the school that will house offices, training centers and warehouse space. The other 150 jobs are expected to be spread throughout a 100,000-square-foot facility that will be constructed to produce the lightweight metal advanced castings, as well as another 10,000-square-foot facility designed for benchmarking and testing that will inside the school’s gymnasium.

In addition, another 171 jobs will be maintained at the current facility down the street where another 150 jobs is expected to be added in a manufacturing expansion that has already started. The organization is also accepting inquiries from interested applicants who are wanting to apply by sending an email to [email protected]

It’s a big step forward for a city that was declared by many as a dead city after dealt with a major bankruptcy case in 2013 and 2014. While it’s one company bringing a couple hundred jobs out of a former high school is a small step, it could be the first of many that could help Detroit bounce back into the automotive capital of the U.S.

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