Big names debut new products at Auto Shanghai 2015

auto showIt’s official, automotive companies looking to make a big impact should consider China as one of the best stages to gain the biggest media buzz for their upcoming releases and potential locations for their used car dealership.

The numbers don’t lie for the 16th annual Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition where there were a total of 2,000 exhibitors representing 18 different countries and more than 1,300 vehicles on display. There were also an additional 47 concept cars presented and 109 new models debuted.

It’s a big reason why Auto Shanghai has made its presence known as one of the world’s top automotive exhibition shows. Another factor is the growing and evolving automotive market in China that has attracted several U.S. and other companies across the globe to bring business to China – which can also be seen in those who provided exhibits during the event.

European, Japanese and U.S. companies brought their best to the Auto Shanghai stage in front of the Chinese market – what seems to be the most attractive market, with the most potential for big bucks, in the world.

At the same time, China’s domestic companies also brought their major players in the industry – including Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, FAW, and SAIC Group, to name a few. Their focus involved a broad spectrum from car design to technical innovations.

But the 103 energy-saving vehicles caught the collective eyes of visitors that showed the transition and upgrades made in the Chinese automobile industry and the growth of a new energy-based market has been easily noticed self driving carswithin that change. Those new vehicles are, by many experts and enthusiasts, to be a look into the future of the future’s auto market.

On the other hand, there were general concerns brought to the attention of the self-driving vehicles that were brought to the show. In today’s world, continuous development of technology having a substantial influence on the automobile manufacturing market – this means the common sense approach is that more manufacturers will probably begin to network with others to produce their own projects in what could be the future of transportation.

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Highlights from the 2015 show: