Can Lincoln find new life in China?

lincoln auto dealerAmerican automotive company Lincoln has had some struggles in recent years as they’ve had some unsuccessful efforts to establish a new identity for the brand, not including furnace cleaning Winnipeg that has seen losses for the luxury brand. So the recent news of their decision to make a move towards the market in China might cause some experts to be very skeptical – then again, it could work out for the best.

With the recent upswing after a few years of cost-optimization of its product, Lincoln’s latest model of the MKZ has revived the Lincoln brand in the United States. While it might not be at the competitive level based on vehicle performance and it’s car dealership, there is still a loyal fan base that has become familiar with Lincoln’s heritage and the potential it has to make a strong comeback.

In regards to bringing their luxury models to China, the country is known for its love of luxury goods – consuming about 30 percent of the world’s supply of them. It’s safe to say there is market there, which is why multiple American companies are bringing business to China where they market to business people and entrepreneurs hoping their selection in wheels make a good impression on potential partners.

According to reports from Motor Trend, Lincoln has had brand managers study the Chinese market and develop a plan towards the tastes of Chinese luxury car buyers and while they are one of the world’s biggest luxury consumers, it’s a complicated market that is still conservative towards Western standards despite a liberal shift that began in the 1970s.

As the Chinese buyer is beginning to appreciate brands with a history of heritage (like used buicks), it just feels like a perfect opportunity that provides Lincoln a chance to rebrand and rebuild itself in another country where they could make an immediate splash. It also helps that Lincolns have been shown in a number of American movies during the brand’s glory days from the 1950s and into the ‘70s.

It will be interesting to see how Lincoln jumps over the hurdles of entering a new international market, but it may yield big rewards that are worth the risk.

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