Fredericton Firefighters Care Enough To Wear Pink

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Starting on October 1st you might notice your Fredericton Firefighters getting off the fire truck with a noticeable change in their uniforms, they will be wearing Pink shirts. Fredericton Firefighters will be wearing pink shirts for the month of October to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Research. Firefighters won’t be the only ones in pink, all front line fire trucks will be wearing a pink ribbon as well. It’s an awareness and fundraising campaign we started last October partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Run for a Cure fundraiser. All Firefighters wearing pink had to make a donation and purchase their shirts to be able to wear them on duty. We will also be selling public pink t-shirts through our online store. All proceeds from our shirt sales and donations will be going directly to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation through the local Run for a Cure.

Click here to visit our online store and support breast cancer research.

Click here to view the IAFF Firefighters in Pink Campaign

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Fredericton Firefighters in their Pink T-Shirts kicking off their October Breast Cancer Awareness and Fundraising campaign with committee members from CIBC Run for the Cure.

Fredericton Firefighters Care Enough To Wear Pink
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