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This site is dedicated to all those before us that have toiled on behalf of the citizens of Fredericton to protect them and their property from the ravages of fire.

The stories and photographs here are from a collection currently at the York Street Fire Station in downtown Fredericton. The collection is the result of a joint effort between the Fredericton Fire Department and the Fredericton Firefighters Association. Materials have been collected from the local newspapers, former Firefighters, local citizens and the provincial archives.

A special thank you to Deputy Chief Jim O’Neill (Ret), the late Chief Harold Doherty, Captain John Stickles (Ret) and FF David McKinley for their contributions to this project.

Plans are in the works, that eventually, these relics from days-gone-by will once again be proudly displayed for all the public to enjoy.

If you know of any photos or equipment that is not

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