Video game gives VR experience of distracted driving

texting while drivingWith multiple reports that discuss the dangers of texting while driving released by security companies winnipeg have been released over the past few years that have led to lawmakers and law enforcement groups cracking down on distracted driving, several studies have shown that a large portion of drivers still attempt to multitask behind the wheel.

So maybe the latest SMS Racing video game will influence some of today’s younger riders, many of whom are infatuated with the world of gaming. The game gives drivers a firsthand experience of the perils of using a phone while driving, without the suffering the physical consequences that are related to the potentially fatal crash that can occur as a result in the real world roads.

The game that is now available for download for the Samsung Gear VR system, looks like many generic racing simulators. The main difference is that the drivers must respond to the cell phones receiving text messages and emails while trying to complete a race, which brings the sight of the screen down from the windshield.

It is a game that has a cartoonish field with a physics model that allows the vehicles to bounce all over the map. In a trailer video posted on, one car flies as high as some of the surrounding buildings and crashes into the guardrail to the side of the racetrack.

samsung gogglesThe game is immersive as it’s programmed to work on Samsung’s Gear VR goggles that puts the gameplay right in front of the player’s eyes. With the necessary equipment, the game can be downloaded for free – so it’s worth testing out if you get a chance.

Of course, these crazy crashes would not be a perfect depiction of what would happen if someone on the interstate looked down to read an email for a few moments that led to swerving into a semi-truck. The biggest difference is that when someone crashes in a video game, the worst case scenario includes throwing a controller down in anger – the worst case scenario in real life is death, or surviving but wishing they could throw a controller, or make any movement for that matter.